The Query Builder

At DataSift we love open source. We use it and we create it. As part of our commitment, we're proud to announce that a major new component of the DataSift platform, the Query Builder, is now available. It's open source and you can download it from GitHub today. Take a look at our demo page to try out the Query Builder. What is the Query Builder? Everyone talks about Big Data, but not many people know how to handle it. We live it. We created the Query Builder...

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Open Source Software at DataSift

DataSift is built on open source software. Here are some of the comments our developers have made on the subject:       "It's like having a bigger team"    "We learn from the best by reading and using their code."    "Without open source, we wouldn't have PHP, we woudn't have Python, we wouldn't have Perl."    "At DataSift, we're building a world-class platform, and we need to use the very best...

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Gerrit Schultz - Internship at DataSift

Gerrit Schultz describes the time he recently spent from August to November as a intern in the Development group at DataSift.    I'm very happy that as part of my university studies I'm now having the chance to work as an intern with DataSift. It's certainly been a brilliant experience. From the first day I've been involved in the regular development process. After only a few days I could see my first work results live in production. I had chosen to join the front-end...

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Lukas Klein - Internship at DataSift

Lukas Klein describes the time he recently spent in August and September as a intern in the Development group at DataSift.    The last month has been really exciting for me. Me, that is 19-year-old student Lukas from Germany. I decided to work for DataSift as an intern before university, and it really paid out. Before, I have been working for either small one-man businesses or big players like SAP but never in such a fast growing startup. Even though I've never been to...

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Getting Started with DataSift

DataSift offers organizations a cloud-based platform to filter for real-time social media data. Every second, social media sites generate massive amounts of data. This data can provide valuable insight to your organization. DataSift filters for content as it is posted. For instance, you could filter for the mention of an individual, a message posted on a social media site, or all messages posted within a specified location. DataSift offers you an integrated solution that filters,...

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