Learn more about DataSift's range of augmentations and how they add value to data

We offer hundreds of targets and augmentations, and the number is growing. The augmentations documentation lists each augmentation, organized by the service which provides it, along with examples of how to use them.

You can browse our consolidated list of all the targets and augmentations and visit the Data Dictionary to see how the targets relate to the output data that you receive from DataSift.

Check the availability of augmentations with our data sources.

This section describes the targets that you can filter against, not the data that you consume from DataSift. Read Targets vs Output Data to learn more.

Interaction (Common Schema)

All items of data that pass through the DataSift platform are 'interactions'. The interaction augmentation normalizes all data to a consistent top-level schema and allows you to build filters and classifiers that work consistently across all of your sources.


The Links augmentation unravels all links found in content to the final destination and gather meta data from the destination page.

Salience & Sentiment

The Salience augmentation adds sentiment to content and identifies topics contained in conversations.


The Gender and Language augmentations give you top level demographic detail for posts. The Demographic augmentation adds detailed demographic information such as age, profession and interests to anonymised post.

Further Augmentations

We also provide augmentations for Klout and Twitter Trends data.