Determine your credit balance or DPU balance.

An HTTPS GET request sent to:

A successful call to this endpoint returns: 200 OK plus a JSON object.


Parameter Description


Here's an example of a call to /v1.4/balance.

curl -X GET
  -H 'Authorization: datasift-user:your-datasift-api-key'

The returned JSON object has this form:

  "balance": {
    "plan": "Platinum",
    "cost": 0,
    "remaining_dpus": 249993.7

Property: Description:
cost The license cost for your data plus, if your remaining_dpus falls to zero and you continue to run streams, the additional DPU cost you have incurred so far this month.
remaining_dpus The DPUs remaining on this plan for the current month.


  1. All calls to the API must be properly authenticated with a DataSift username and API key.
  2. All calls to the API must be versioned. The current version is v1.4.

Resource information

Rate limit cost: 25

Requires authentication: Yes

Response formats: JSON, JSONP