GET /account/identity/{id}

Retrieve details of a specified account identity.

To learn how to use the endpoints together take a look at our account API step-by-step page

An HTTPS GET request sent to:{id}

A successful call to this endpoint returns: 200 OK plus a JSON object.


  1. Retrieve details of a specified account identity:

curl -X GET \
  -H 'Authorization: username:api_key'

The output looks like this:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

    "id": "1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef",
    "api_key": "<api_key>",
    "label": "<label>",
    "status": "<active|disabled>",
    "master": <boolean>,
    "created_at": <timestamp>,
    "updated_at": <timestamp>,
    "expires_at": <timestamp>

If no results are found, count will be 0 and the identities array will be empty.

Output Fields

Property Type Description
id string An account identity. A 32-character alphanumeric hash.
api_key string The API key for this identity.
label string The label applied to the identity when it was first created (by POST /account/identity) or the latest update (by PUT /account/identity).
status string Can be: active, disabled.
master boolean Indicates whether this is your master id or a client id.
created_at int Unix timestamp.
updated_at int Unix timestamp.
expires_at int Unix timestamp. Can be null.


Response code Description
Status 200 OK The call was successful.
Status 404 Not Found Occurs if the identity does not exist.


  1. All calls to the API must be properly authenticated with a DataSift username and API key.
  2. All calls to the API must be versioned. The current version is v1.5.

Resource information

Rate limit cost: 5

Requires authentication: Yes

Response formats: JSON, JSONP