Facebook /source/create options

These paramaters apply to Facebook Pages Managed Sources.

Parameter: Description:

This parameter sets options for the source.

The following options are supported:

  • likes -- set to true if you want to receive likes.
  • page_likes -- set to true if you want to receive page-level likes.
  • posts_by_others -- set to true if you want to receive interactions related to posts created on the monitored page by the users who interact with that page, but do not own it. Please note that we only look back 24 hours for posts by other users who mention a page you are monitoring whereas we look at the past seven days of content created by the owner.
  • comments -- set to true if you want to receive interactions that carry comments related to the posts published on the monitored page.

For example:

    "likes": true,
    "posts_by_others": true,
    "comments": true,
    "page_likes": true


The list of resources to monitor. For this source type resources are Facebook Pages.

For each resource the following parameters are supported:

  • id -- Facebook ID of the monitored page (required).
  • url -- Facebook URL of the monitored page (optional).
  • title -- Facebook title of the monitored page (optional).

For example:

        "parameters": {
            "url": "http://www.facebook.com/theguardian",
            "title": "The Guardian",
            "id": 10513336322

Access tokens the source should use when accessing the Facebook API.

For each token the following parameters are supported:

  • parameters.value -- a valid OAuth2 token (required).
  • expires_at -- identity resource expiry date/time as a UTC timestamp (optional).

We will send an email notification five days before the token is due to expire. Be aware that we will continue to use the token. If it expires, the source will be shut off and you will see error messages in the error log in DataSift's UI.

For example:

        parameters": {
            "value": "kfDecg0a9le3f..."
        expires_at: 1388556000