Contains hashtags inserted by users into stories. Not available for engagements. This target is functionally identical to interaction.hashtags.

PYLON converts the values for this target to lowercase before they reach the filtering engine. This target is case sensitive so make sure you supply your arguments in lowercase in:

  • query filters
  • interaction filters if you are using the cs modifier

See also: fb.parent.hashtags.


  1. Filter for content that includes at least one hashtag from a list:

    fb.hashtags in "shell, esso, total, bp, citgo"

  2. Filter for content that includes the hashtag DataSift:

    fb.hashtags == "datasift"

  3. Filter for content that mentions one brand and includes the hashtag of another:

    fb.content contains "coke" and fb.hashtags == "pepsi"

Resource information

Target service: PYLON for Facebook Topic Data

Type: array(string)

Array: Yes

Tokenized for query filters: No

Interaction filter: Yes

Analysis target: Yes

Query filter: Yes

Child analysis target: No