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This restricted target is only available to specific accounts.

A randomly generated floating-point number between 0 and 100 assigned to interactions by the platform.

Unlike the interaction.sample target the assigned value is independent for each interaction regardless of whether it is a story or engagement.

This target allows you to perform 'engagement-level' sampling of interactions when recording data. You can use this target to capture a proportion of interactions that match the other conditions in your interaction filter. This target is useful when you are looking to record a statistical sample of a large audience where you want to record a different proportion of stories and engagements.

To record a proportion of stories with all the engagements related to those stories consider using the interaction.sample target.


By default, PYLON filters against all Facebook topic data. For example, this interaction filter will record every story and engagement on a story that mentions the brand 'BMW':

fb.all.content contains "BMW"

This filter will record a large volume of interactions and might exceed your account or identity limits. Typically there will be far more engagements (particularly likes) than stories. For many cases it is sufficient to capture all the relevant stories but just a sample of the engagements on those stories. This limits the size of a recording without sacrificing the fidelity of the underlying signal.

For example, the following filter records all stories mentioning the brand, but only 10 percent of engagements on these stories:

fb.content contains "BMW" 
OR ( fb.parent.content contains "BMW" AND fb.sample <= 10 )

Notice the use of the fb.content and fb.parent.content targets for stories and engagements respectively.

You can use sampling targets just like any other target in your filter. For example, you could specify multiple sampling conditions within one filter:

fb.all.content contains "BMW" 
AND ( 
   fb.type == "story" 
   OR ( fb.type IN "comment,reshare" AND fb.sample <= 50 ) 
   OR ( fb.type IN "like" AND fb.sample <= 10 ) 

This example would record all stories, 50 percent of comments and reshares, and 10 percent of likes.


PYLON also offers the interaction.sample target which behaves in a different way. This allows you to perform 'story-level' sampling in your recordings. See the target page for examples.

To learn more about sampling read our best practice guide.

Resource information

Target service: PYLON for Facebook Topic Data

Type: float

Array: No

Always exists: Yes

Tokenized for query filters: No

Interaction filter: Yes

Analysis target: No

Query filter: Yes

Child analysis target: No