The about text for the inferred topics for a post.

For example, if Lamborghini is a topic that is inferred this target will contain the 'Short Description' content on this page https://www.facebook.com/Lamborghini/info?tab=page_info.

At the time of writing this text reads:

"OFFICIAL Lamborghini fan community on Facebook. \nhttp://www.lamborghini.com"

Topics are individual items in the Facebook social graph. A topic can be referred to with a FBID (Facebook id). Please refer to Namespace Families for further information.

See also: fb.parent.topics.about.


  1. Filter for topics that mention consumer packaged goods in their about text:

    fb.topics.about any "cpg, consumer packaged goods"

Resource information

Target service: PYLON for Facebook Topic Data

Type: array(string)

Array: Yes

Tokenized for query filters: Yes

Interaction filter: Yes

Analysis target: No

Query filter: No

Child analysis target: No