The top-level content type:

  • story
  • comment
  • like
  • reshare

PYLON converts the values for this target to lowercase before they reach the filtering engine. This target is case sensitive so make sure you supply your arguments in lowercase in:

  • query filters
  • interaction filters if you are using the cs modifier


  1. Filter for likes on stories about your company:

    fb.type == "like" and fb.parent.content contains "BMW"

  2. Filter for interactions from women under the age of 45 who comment on, like, or reshare stories about your company:

    fb.author.gender == "female" and fb.author.age in "18-24, 25-34, 35-44" and fb.type in "comment, like, reshare" and fb.parent.content contains "BMW"


The actual text of a comment is not available. This filter allows you to determine aggregate statistical information but it does not provide specific details.

In the UI, the output is a pie or bar chart with up to 4 elements.

Resource information

Target service: PYLON for Facebook Topic Data

Type: string

Array: No

Tokenized for query filters: No

Interaction filter: Yes

Analysis target: Yes

Query filter: Yes

Child analysis target: Yes