The Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of a link. This information may be used for statistical purposes to find out which domains publish most popular content.


  1. Filter for stories that mention Yahoo and contain a link to any page:

    fb.content contains "yahoo" and links.domain == ""

  2. Filter for stories that mention "ice cream" and include links to specified publications:

    fb.content contains "ice cream" and links.domain IN ",,"


Also see the Filtering by Shared Links example.

The links.* targets contain any link in an interaction. They are more frequently populated than the and targets.

Resource information

Target service: PYLON for Facebook Topic Data

Target object: Links

Type: array(string)

Array: Yes

Tokenized for query filters: No

Interaction filter: Yes

Analysis target: Yes

Query filter: Yes

Child analysis target: No