Web pages can specify an image to be used as a preview for the page, for example the Open Graph meta tag:

<meta property="og:image" content="http://example.com/preview-image.png" />

This target states whether the article has an image specified.

When the article specifies an image the value will be true, otherwise the target will be blank.

For shares containing a link to an article, indicates whether the shared article has an image.

For engagements and clicks on shares that include an article, indicates whether the article included in the share being engaged with has an image.

For article views, indicates whether the viewed article has an image.

Query filtering

  1. Filter to shares of articles with images:

    li.subtype == "activity|share" AND ||.||.has_image exists

  2. Filter to shares of articles with images from a set of domains:

    li.subtype == "activity|share" AND ||.||.domain in "nytimes.com, wsj.com" AND ||.||.has_image exists

Resource information

Type: bool

Tokenized for query filters: No

Analysis target: Yes

Query filter: Yes

Child analysis target: Yes