Augmentation: Demographics

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Name Type Contents
demographic.accounts.categories array(string)

The categories of Twitter accounts followed by an author.

demographic.age_range.end int

The upper limit of the age range of an author.

demographic.age_range.start int

The lower limit of the age range of an author.

demographic.first_language string

The native language of an author.

demographic.income.end int

Personal income range upper bound.

demographic.income.start int

Personal income range lower bound.

demographic.likes_and_interests array(string)

The "likes and interests" data we have for an author. string

The city where the author of a post is located. string

The country of residence of an author.

demographic.location.us_state string

The US state location for the author of a post.

demographic.main_street.dressed_by array(string)

The list of an author's favorite clothing brands.

demographic.main_street.eat_and_drink_at array(string)

The list of an author's favorite restaurants.

demographic.main_street.shop_at array(string)

The list of an author's favorite stores.

demographic.professions array(string)

A list of professions associated with the author of a post. array(string)

The services that an author uses to post content. string

The gender of an author.

demographic.status.relationship string

The relationship status of an author. string

The work status of an author.

demographic.twitter.accounts.large array(string)

A list of popular Twitter accounts that an author follows.

demographic.twitter.activity string

An author's level of activity on Twitter.

demographic.type string

The entity type indicating the originator of a post.