A list of services that an author uses to post content. This augmentation helps determine what type of content is posted by authors using particular services and technologies.


  1. Filter for content from authors using Twitpic on their iPhone: contains_any "Twitpic, iPhone"

  1. Filter for content from authors using Tweetdeck on their Android devices and mentioning Christmas: contains_any "Tweetdeck, Android" 
AND interaction.content contains "Christmas"


This data is mined from publicly available sources. Here's an indicative list of values that you can filter against in this target:

Amazon mp3 Android Apple Mac BlackBerry Blogger
Dell Etsy Facebook Firefox
Flickr Foursquare Google Plus Hootsuite IMDb
iPad iPhone LG Phone Linkedin Myspace Playstation Posterous Smartphone Tumblr
Tweetdeck Twitpic Wordpress Yelp Youtube

Resource information

Target service: Augmentation Target: Demographic

Type: array(string)

Array: Yes

Always exists: No