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Please note that this source is now deprecated.

The Yammer source type allows you to filter for interactions related to public activities on Yammer.

You can use this source to filter for any public posts, comments, and likes created by the users you follow on Yammer.

Yammer authentication

The Yammer Managed Source type accesses the Yammer API on your behalf to collect data. The platform manages the collection and de­duplication of data, adhering to API rate limits, and complies with authentication requirements of the Yammer API.

Each request made by the platform to Yammer must be authenticated using a valid access token. When you configure an Yammer Managed Source you provide an OAuth 2.0 Access Token issued by Yammer that is used by the platform.

The process for obtaining tokens is explained on the Yammer access tokens page.

Configuring Yammer Managed Sources

Your DataSift account allows you to create multiple Yammer Managed Sources. Each source will be assigned its own id, have its own independent settings, and can be assigned one or more unique resources to track.

Link augmentation

When you configure a Yammer managed source you can choose whether to run the links augmentation against received interactions.

Configure this option using the parameters argument when creating or updating sources.


Currently you do not need to specify resources for this type of managed source.

Access tokens

Each source must have at least one valid Yammer access token. If you provide more than one access token then the source will rotate between tokens, allowing your source to consume more data. See the Managed Sources best practice guide for more details.

You configure access tokens for use by the source using the auth parameter.

Ingested data

A running source will ingest data from the Yammer API. Data arrives as interactions in the platform which you are able to filter against.

  • You can use any of the Yammer targets for your filter conditions.

  • Each Yammer interaction contains data about the activity published on Yammer and about the user posting that activity.

  • For activities related to other activities (comments, likes), interactions will also contain information about the original activity.

Getting started

Read the API step-by-step guide to learn how to manage sources using the API.

Best practices

It's easy to get started with Managed Sources but there are important points to keep in mind.

Read our Managed Sources best practice guide for an overview of our recommendations.