Yammer Targets

Name Type Contents
yammer.body.parsed string

Parsed message.

yammer.body.plain string

Message body in plain text.

yammer.body.rich string

Original, unprocessed message.

yammer.client_type string

Client type.

yammer.content_excerpt string

Content excerpt.

yammer.group.description string

The description of a Yammer group.

yammer.group.full_name string

The full name of a group.

yammer.group.id int

Yammer group ID.

yammer.group.name string

Yammer group name.

yammer.group.office365_url string

An Office 365 URL to a group.

yammer.group.privacy string

Group privacy setting.

yammer.group.url string

Group API URL.

yammer.group.web_url string

Group Web URL.

yammer.message_type string

Message type.

yammer.privacy string

Message privacy setting.

yammer.sender.full_name string

The full name of the sender.

yammer.sender.id int

The ID of the sender.

yammer.sender.job_title string

The job title of the sender.

yammer.sender.name string

The short name of the sender.

yammer.sender.stats.followers int

The number of Yammer users following the sender.

yammer.sender.stats.following int

The number of Yammer users followed by the sender.

yammer.sender.stats.updates int

The number of updates posted by the sender.

yammer.sender.type string

The type of the sender.

yammer.sender.url string

Sender's profile API URL.

yammer.sender.web_url string

Sender's profile Web URL.

yammer.sender_type string

The type of the sender.

yammer.thread.id int

Thread ID.

yammer.thread.privacy string

Thread privacy setting.

yammer.thread.stats.shares int

Number of thread shares.

yammer.thread.stats.updates int

Number of thread updates.

yammer.thread.url string

Thread API URL.

yammer.thread.web_url string

Thread Web URL.

yammer.type string

Update type.

yammer.url string

Message API URL.

yammer.web_url string

Message Web URL.