The following targets may compile in DataSift but they no longer contain filterable data.

Name Type Contents
klout.amplification int

The amplification for an author. float

The network effect of the author.

klout.true_reach int

The true reach of an author.

tumblr.asking_name string

The blog name of the user asking a question.

tumblr.asking_url string

The URL of the primary blog belonging to a user asking a question.

tumblr.reblogged.root.title string

Title of the original post being reblogged.

tumblr.reblogged.from.title string

Title of a post being reblogged.

tumblr.state string

The publication state of a post.

Links: General

Name Type Contents
links.age array(int)

The number of seconds since we first saw a particular link in the Twitter Firehose.

links.retweet_count array(int)

The total number of times this link has been Tweeted.