Monitor Billing

Viewing Usage & Balance

To open the billing page, either click on the billing information in the header or click the Billing tab.

1. Subscription Type

The top of the Billing Overview page includes the subscriptions type and credit. In this example, it is a Professional level account which receives a 20,000 DPU allowance every month.

The 'Next billing cycle' date is when the allowance is reset to 20,000 DPU.

2. DPU Usage

The remaining DPU usage in this billing period is displayed along with the DPU used in the last 24 hours and the number of days until the next billing cycle.

3. Data Cost

For most sources and augmentations, there is a cost for each interaction delivered. The Data Cost shows the running cost this billing cycle, the cost incurred in the last 24 hours and the number of days remaining in the billing cycle.

Setting Overage Limit

Overage is the sum of DPU cost over the allowance, and the data cost incurred in this billing cycle. A limit can be set to prevent excessive bills.

1. Viewing Current Limit

The current limit is shown on the Billing Overview page. In this example it is set to $100.

At 80% of the overage limit, a notification is sent to the user. Tasks continue to be processed. At 100% of the limit another notification is sent along with an email. All running tasks are stopped and new tasks cannot be started.

2. Setting New Limit

To set a new limit, click the Set Limit link on the Billing Overview page

Or from the account settings, click on Billing Account Details. Select the new limit or enter a custom limit. Click Save Limit.