Create Advanced Filters

Creating Multiple Filter Conditions

Filtering becomes much more powerful when multiple conditions are combined.

To create two more filter conditions to the Starbucks stream.

  1. Click on the filter name to open the Filter summary.

  2. Click the Create New Filter button to add a new filter condition.

  3. Add a filter condition for a Klout score over 40.

  4. Add a third filter condition for any level of positive sentiment in interaction content.

  5. All three filters are now listed in the filter preview.

  6. Above the filter descriptions are three options for the logic which should be applied to the filter conditions. The default is ALL of the following.

    a. Select ALL of the following, a logical AND is used between the conditions - all three conditions must be matched in an input interaction for it to be sent to the output stream.


    b. Select ANY of the following, a logical OR is used between the conditions - if an input interaction is matched by one or more conditions, the interaction is sent to the output stream.


    c. Select ADVANCED to expand the logic to show what is currently applied and allows more complex logic to be applied. The current example shows logical ANDs between each condition.

Grouping Conditions

To use different logical operators between conditions, make use of brackets to make it clear which conditions are grouped:

  1. Condition 1 must be matched along with either of conditions 2 or 3. Conditions, operators and brackets can be dragged to the required position.

  2. Use the NOT operator to negate a condition or group of conditions. In this example, the interaction is sent to the output stream if condition 1 is matched and neither condition 2 or 3 is matched.

Embedding & Customizing Query Builder

The Query Builder is available under open source license as an independent, embeddable module written in JavaScript. Anyone can add it to their web page, blog, or a web view in a desktop or mobile application.

Documentation and examples for embedding and customizing Query Builder are available here.