Updated on Monday, 12 December, 2011 - 10:26
Name Type Contents
facebook.application string

The application that generated an update.

facebook.author.type string

The type of author that created a post.

facebook.caption string

The contents of the Facebook caption.

facebook.description string

The content of the Facebook description.

facebook.geo geo

The location from which a post was sent.

facebook.hashtags array(string)

A list of hashtags mentioned in a post.

facebook.is_share int

Indicates whether a post is a share.

facebook.link string

The link contained in a post.

facebook.message string

The content of a Facebook message.

facebook.name string

The Facebook name assigned to a post.

facebook.og.description string

The Open Graph description for a post.

facebook.og.length string

The Open Graph length for a post.

facebook.og.photos string

The Open Graph photos information for a post.

facebook.og.title string

The Open Graph title for a post.

facebook.og.type string

The Open Graph type for a post.

facebook.place.id string

Facebook ID of the place associated with a post.

facebook.place.location.city string

City location for a post.

facebook.place.location.country string

Country location for a post.

facebook.place.location.name string

Name of the location for a post.

facebook.place.location.state string

State location for a post.

facebook.place.location.street string

Street location for a post.

facebook.place.location.zip string

ZIP code of the location for a post.

facebook.place.name string

Name of the place associated with a post.

facebook.source string

The name and id of the source application that generated this data.

facebook.type string

The type of an update.