Reduced Functionality

Some users prefer to focus on a subset of the functionality of the DataSift platform. You can streamline the user experience by creating an instance of the Query Builder with reduced functionality. The following example shows how you can reduce the functionality of the Query Builder to only allow queries with a limited set of targets, options and inputs.

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
    JCSDL.onLoad(function() {
        hideTargets : ['interaction', 'twitter', 'facebook', '2channel', 'myspace', 'amazon', 'blog', 'board', 'dailymotion', 'flickr', 'newscred', 'reddit', 'topix', 'video', 'youtube', 'augmentation', '', 'imdb.type', 'imdb.contenttype', 'imdb.thread', 'bitly', 'wikipedia']
    var editor = new JCSDLGui('#jcsdl', {
      save : function( code ) {
        alert( code );
<div id="jcsdl-edit"></div>

The result