What you see below is a fully-functional instance of the Query Builder embedded on this page. If you want to learn how to embed the Query Builder on your site, page, or blog, read our embedding guide and check the initialization example.

Create a new query from scratch New Query

Click on "New Query" if you want to create a new query completely from scratch.

Load a demo query

Choose one the following example queries to load them into the editor.

Tweets from tourist locations Load Query NFL Load Query High Klout score Load Query Popular retweets Load Query Beverages Load Query Advanced Logic Editor Load Query

Or input JCSDL code

Or if you already have a valid JCSDL code input it in this textarea and load it manually to the editor.

New Query

Edit your query in the editor. Press "Save and Preview" if you are done editing and want to see the JCSDL code output or "Cancel" if you want to go back to the previous screen.

Output JCSDL

Below is the JCSDL code output that represents the query you have built using the editor. It could now be used via the API to query DataSift or stored somewhere in a database.

You can use the above breadcrumbs to go back to previous screens.