What is JCSDL?

JavaScript Curated Stream Definition Language (JCSDL) is an internal variant of CSDL, the query language used to define filters on the DataSift platform. JCSDL combines CSDL with the Query Builder state data, which is stripped off when JCSDL is converted into CSDL and compiled. State data is used to restore the Query Builder configuration when you open your filters for editing and it is not meant to be editied by humans. JCSDL is versioned and the Query Builder uses checksums to verify code integrity and to prevent tampering.

The transition from JCSDL into CSDL is not reversible, if you convert JCSDL into CSDL you lose the Query Builder state, but you keep the CSDL code. You can still edit it in the CSDL Editor.

Note that JCSDL is now up to version 2.0, but the editor is backwards compatible with 1.0.

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