When Configuration Is Not Enough

In general, changes to the Query Builder's appearance or behavior can be implemented via its configuration options. We recommend that you avoid making changes to the Query Builder's source code unless you have exhausted all other options. If you do decide to alter the source code, remember that your changes will be overwritten whenever you update your installation of the Query Builder, so be sure to keep a note of any changes you make.

Possible cases when you might need to change your source code include:

  • making your own distribution of the Query Builder with a custom jcsdl.definition.js file that better fits your customer's needs.
  • extending the filter with a graphical representation of the value added services you provide on top of the DataSift platform.

In this case you can fork the Query Builder on GitHub. Even though there is no requirement for making your code available to other developers, we would like to strongly encourage you to do so. We've open sourced the Query Builder so that our developer community can freely extend and modify the project. If you publish your code under the same open source licenses that we have chosen, you are more likely you to create the best possible experience for your customers.