Gerrit Schultz - Internship at DataSift

Gerrit Schultz | 23rd January 2013

Gerrit Schultz describes the time he recently spent from August to November as a intern in the Development group at DataSift.

I'm very happy that as part of my university studies I'm now having the chance to work as an intern with DataSift. It's certainly been a brilliant experience.

From the first day I've been involved in the regular development process. After only a few days I could see my first work results live in production. I had chosen to join the front-end team. The revamp of a central part of the UI including the Stream Preview and CSDL Code Editor, as well as the integration of the Query Builder as a new feature were planned for the next sprint. This meant that during the following month I could contribute to another big release and, at the same time, follow my goal of getting deeper into different JavaScript technologies. Being an active part of the team and, in a real-world scenario, working on a big code base allowed me to gather lots of hands-on experience.

An internship at DataSift is far from making coffee - unless you want some for yourself. The only time you spend in the kitchen is when you want to grab your favourite chocolate from the fridge. As an intern with DataSift you're given the chance to contribute to the development of serious software and broaden your knowledge in your own field of interest. I had the free choice of what I wanted the focus of my internship to be, and I've been given amazing support from everyone around me.

During the last few days I was now looking for some fresh input, trying out a bit of Scala. When I mentioned that I would be interested, I was immediately offered to have a few tasks of a project on filtering Facebook posts assigned to me, got an introduction to the existing code, and had a Scala book on my desk. Everything is possible as long as you are keen on trying out new stuff.

Besides that, the working atmosphere is fantastic. Sometimes you almost forget that you're in an office. Occasional foam bullet gun fights are just as much part of the work life as helicopters being manoeuvred through the room and people playing card games after enjoying some delicious catering provided by DataSift for lunch. Even events like going to the cinema are arranged from time to time.

Overall a great place to work and a very good choice for a challenging, enriching internship.

Gerrit Schultz

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