Stop a live stream that is running with Push.

An HTTP PUT request sent to:


A successful call to this endpoint returns: 200 OK.


Parameter Description

The id of the Subscription you want to stop.

Example values: 08b923395b6ce8bfa4d96f57f863a1c3


Stop a live stream that is running with Push.

curl -X PUT 'https://api.datasift.com/v1.6/push/stop' \
  -d 'id=d468655cfe5f93741ddcd30bb309a8c7' \
  -H 'Authorization: datasift-user:your-datasift-api-key'

Here's an example of the JSON output:

  "id": "d468655cfe5f93741ddcd30bb309a8c7",
  "output_type": "dynamodb",
  "name": "mypushsubscription",
  "created_at": 1365430066,
  "user_id": 12635,
  "hash": "0dddb9bb2f6e8f3f2de405f6c1a2b21e",
  "hash_type": "stream",
  "output_params": {
    "region": "dynamodb.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com",
    "bucket": "datasift-s3",
    "directory": "interactions",
    "acl": "private",
    "delivery_frequency": 60,
    "max_size": 102400,
    "file_prefix": "Datasift"
  "status": "finishing",
  "last_request": 1365438298,
  "last_success": 1365435315,
  "remaining_bytes": null,
  "lost_data": false,
  "start": null,
  "end": null

Property: Description:
id A unique ID of the newly created Push subscription. Each new subscription has a different ID, even when they are based on the same stream and the data is delivered to the same destination.
output_type The name of the output type. See the list of the values of the output_type parameter elsewhere on this page.
name A user-defined name of the subscription.
created_at A Unix timestamp that represents the date and time when the subscription was created.
user_id The DataSift ID of the user who created the subscription.
hash A stream ID.
hash_type Can be either "hash" (when the hash element represents a stream).
output_params output_parameters used in the call to /push/create.
status Subscription status.
last_request The time of the most recent Push delivery request sent to the associate data destination. A Unix timestamp.
last_success The time of the most recent successful delivery. A Unix timestamp.
remaining_bytes The number of bytes queued for delivery.
lost_data Set to true if data was removed from the Push delivery queue because it could not be delivered.
start Subscription start time/date. A Unix timestamp.
end Subscription end time. A Unix timestamp.


  1. All calls to the API must be properly authenticated with a DataSift username and API key.
  2. The /push/stop endpoint allows you to stop a live stream that is running with Push.
  3. For more details, take a look at the Push API overview.
  4. All calls to the API must be versioned. The current version is v1.6.

Resource information

Rate limit cost: 1

Requires authentication: Yes

Response formats: JSON