Retrieve the log for a specific Managed Source.

An HTTPS GET request sent to:

A successful call to this endpoint returns: 200 OK plus a JSON object.


Parameter Description

Results page to return. An integer. Defaults to 1.

Example values: 1


Results per page. An integer. Defaults to 20.

Example values: 10


Source ID. A string.

Example values: fd2e72e3a7ae40c2a6e86e96381d8165


  1. Here is an example of a call to /v1.6/source/log:



Success (id specified) (HTTP Code: 200 OK)

When you do specify a source id in a call to /source/log, you will see output similar to the one shown below. It will include a number of log entries, which include event ID, event time given as a Unix timestamp, success status and a message describing the cause of the event.

    "count": 20,
    "page": 1,
    "pages": 1,
    "per_page": 20,
    "log_entries": [
            "id": 835176,
            "event_time": 1372133607,
            "success": false,
            "message": "OAuthException(4): (#4) Application request limit reached"
            "id": 835158,
            "event_time": 1372133599,
            "success": false,
            "message": "OAuthException(4): (#4) Application request limit reached"

Success (id specified, but no entries exist) (HTTP Code: 200 OK)

Successful calls to /source/log return HTTP Code: 200 OK return even if the log for the given source is empty. You will see:

    "count": 0,
    "page": 1,
    "pages": 0,
    "per_page": 20,
    "log_entries": []


When things go wrong the Managed Sources API responds with the following errors:

Missing param (HTTP Code: 400 Bad Request)

When the id parameter is missing, the Managed Sources API responds with a Bad Request error and the following message:

{"error":"Missing param 'id'"}

Failure (HTTP Code: 404 Not Found)

Raised when the specified source does not exist.

    "error": "Could not find the specified source \"d77906e49a3d41e298d76e38782db084\""

Output Fields

Property: Description:
count The number of log entries returned by this call to /source/log.
page The page number.
pages Total number of pages.
per_page The maximum number of log entries per page.
log_entries The list of the log entries returned by the current call to /source/log..
id The ID of a log entry.
event_time The date and time of a log entry as a timestamp.
success Success status: true for success, false for failure.
message Log message.


  1. All calls to the API must be properly authenticated with a DataSift username and API key.
  2. All calls to the API must be versioned. The current version is v1.6.

Resource information

Rate limit cost: 5

Requires authentication: Yes

Response formats: JSON