Start or restart delivery of source data.

An HTTPS PUT request sent to:

A successful call to this endpoint returns: 200 OK plus a JSON object.


Parameter Description

Source ID. A string.

Example values: e25d533cf287ec44fe66e8362f61961f


Here is an example of a call to /v1.6/source/get with a source ID:

curl -X PUT \
  -d 'id=fd2e72e3a7ae40c2a6e86e96381d8165' \
  -H 'Authorization: datasift-user:your-datasift-api-key'


Success (id not specified) (HTTP Code: 200 OK)

The response will be JSON output similar to the one you see when you call /source/get, but the value of the status key will be set to active:

    "id": "fa2e72e3a7ae40c2a6e86e96381d8165",
    "name": "Rock Music",
    "source_type_id": "facebook_page",
    "status": "active",
    "parameters": [
      "comments": true,
      "posts_by_others": false,
      "page_likes": false,
      "comment_count": false,
      "like_count": true
    "identities": [
            "identity_id": "0047a9e7f4bb4931b65e7e9bd299ddd1",
            "source_id": "fd2e72e3a7ae40c2a6e86e96381d8165",
            "status": "valid",
            "parameters": {
                "value": "363056350669209|09af1ce9c5d8d23147ec4eeb9a33aac2"
            "expires_at": 1388556000
    "resources": [
            "resource_id": "d6590d550db94266af6f53884dd65ca4",
            "source_id": "fd2e72e3a7ae40c2a6e86e96381d8165",
            "status": "valid",
            "parameters": {
                "url": "",
                "title": "The Rolling Stones",
                "id": 8305888286

Output Fields

Property: Description:
name The name of a source. Each source has one name element. For additional information, see /source/create.
status The status of a source. Each source has one status element. For additional information, see /source/create.
parameters Source- or resource-specific parameters. Each source and each resource have one parameters element. For additional information, see /source/create.
resources The list of all resources defined for the currect source. For additional information, see /source/create.
created_at The source creation date and time.
id The source ID.
source_type The source type.
auth The list of source-specific authentication credentials.


If things go wrong the Managed Sources API responds with the following error:

Failure (HTTP Code: 404 Not Found)

Raised when the specified source does not exist.

    "error": "Source not found"


  1. All calls to the API must be properly authenticated with a DataSift username and API key.
  2. All calls to the API must be versioned. The current version is v1.6.

Resource information

Rate limit cost: 5

Requires authentication: Yes

Response formats: JSON