Tagging and scoring, enabled by DataSift VEDO, allow you to add your own metadata to interactions. A simple example might be brokers monitoring a set of stocks could filter for the names of any of the companies involved and adding the appropriate stock ticker as a tag.

You can view pre-built examples of tags in our library. They're ready to use.

Tagging brings significant benefits because you can:

  • use the full power of CSDL, adding tags based on conditional rules. This allows you to code business rules directly into your CSDL code.
  • choose tags that are meaningful to your business and to the specific situation you are building a filter for. In this way you can build taxonomies to fit your business.
  • deliver interactions with custom metadata to your applications.
  • use scoring to create powerful decision-making logic.
  • reuse definitions across projects; write once, use anywhere.

Tagging takes place immediately after filtering in DataSift. It's very easy to use and there are many different ways you can employ it.

This page: Explains how to:
Applying tags Add tags to a filter.
Applying scores Add scores to interactions and to aggregate the results of the scores.
Adding namespaces Structure your tagging into namespaces.
Reusing tag definitions Reuse and combine tag definitions.