Query Builder

The Query Builder is a graphical user interface for creating filters in DataSift's Curated Stream Definition Language (CSDL). It visualizes the query building process and significantly reduces the skill level required to create and modify queries. You don't have to be a developer to create queries.

The Query Builder started as an internal tool for DataSift staff to build queries. Early on we recognized that it would be a great resource for customers too. One of the primary goals was that they should be able to adapt the editor to meet the requirements of their own users.

To make the new Query Builder as valuable as possible, we decided to release it publicly under an open source license so that customers can repurpose it for their specific requirements. For example you could:

  • Give your employees an editor to create queries for your customers.
  • Integrate an editor that is themed to fit with your company's graphical identity.
  • Create a custom editor that always starts from your customer's last query.
  • Create an editor that can only be used to build queries for a limited set of targets.

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