What is the Media Strategies API?

The Media Strategies API is a new DataSift product that simplifies analysis of social data. Using the new API you can immediately access common insights and quickly build in-depth reports for your users.

The new product sits alongsides PYLON products and analyzes the same data sources. For example if you have been using PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights to perform analysis of LinkedIn engagement data you can use the Media Strategies API to analyze the same data more easily.

The Media Strategies API allows you to answer common analysis use cases quickly, whilst at the same time you can continue to use the PYLON analysis API to build custom insights.

How it works

The new API provides a number of strategies that each answer common analysis questions. The strategies have been developed based upon use cases we see customers frequently needing to solve.

When you use the API you request a strategy to be executed. The strategy will run analysis queries, utilize data science techniques and apply best practices to return you an insight.

The analysis queries run by strategies are in fact the same analysis tasks you could run using the PYLON analysis API yourself. The strategies build the required filters, run the necessary analysis tasks, collect the results, and interpret the results to return you an insight.

You could solve the same use cases yourself using the PYLON analysis API, however the strategies simplify analysis for you by encapsulating all the analysis calls, data science and data model knowledge you would need to apply yourself to generate the result.

Rich, high-quality results

Strategies build on the analysis that is possible through the PYLON analysis API by combining the results of multiple analysis calls and applying data science techniques.

For example the audience breakdown strategy allows you to analyze the audience engaging with a topic. This strategy will return to you the breakdown of the audience over multiple dimensions (such as industry sectors and seniority levels), and compare the audience to a reference audience to reveal what is unique about the audience engaging with the topic. All the work required for the result is carried out by the strategy returning you a rich high-quality result in one task.

In this case the colour of the bar shows you how engaged the audience segment is with the topic and the size the of the bar shows the size of the audience segment. The result shows you that product managers are a focused audience segment which are highly engaged in the topic analyzed. The result is ideal for informing an ad targeting exercise.

Simplified parameters

When you work with PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights you need to learn the long list of data targets that are available to build your CSDL filters for analysis.

The Media Strategies API greatly simplifies the parameters you need for your analysis. If you want to analyze a topic you can simply provide a list of keywords. If you want to analyze an audience you can simply provide a list of functions, industries, age groups, and other dimensions as you require.

There is no need for you to write CSDL as this is handled by the API itself. The API creates accurate CSDL filters and removes the human error from this process.

Simplified results

The Media Strategies API returns results in a simple format that is both human-readable and easy to integrate into applications.

In this example the 'engagement ratio' score tells you how strongly the analyzed audience engaged with the content versus the audience being compared to.


Currently the API offers strategies for the LinkedIn Engagement Insights data source. These strategies include:

Audience breakdown Identifies the audience segments most engaged with a topic.
Top urls Identifies the content being engaged with most by an audience or for a topic.
Top domains Identifies the domains being engaged with most by an audience or for a topic.
Top concepts Identifies the concepts (named entities), products, and brands seeing the most engagement from an audience or for a topic.

View the Strategies page for a complete list of strategies that are currently available.

New strategies will be added over time to answer more analysis use cases.

Get started

With the Media Strategies API you can build rich analysis applications quickly without the need for data science expertise.

To get started with take a look at our Get Started page.