Product Glossary

This glossary contains terms and vocabulary used frequently to talk about features and aspects of the PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights product.

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Analysis query - A query made to the PYLON data source, as part of executing a strategy.

Analysis task - A task which runs an analysis query against a PYLON data source, which is run as part of executing a strategy.

API - Application programming interface. If you write external code that works alongside DataSift, it will communicate with DataSift via calls to our REST API.

API key - A unique identifier for your DataSift account. To access our platform via its API, you need to have a DataSift account and an API key.

Audience - A set of users or members who are active on a social network.

Comparison audience - The reference audience you compare your analyzed audience against, in order to see what is different about your audience.

Data source - A PYLON data source, such as LinkedIn Engagement Insights.

Demographic dimension - A way to define an audience based upon demographic attributes. For example age, gender, and seniority are all demographic dimensions.

Demographic segment - A group within a demographic dimension. For example 'male' is a demographic segment within the gender dimension.

Engagement ratio - This score tells you how 'engaged' your audience is compared to your comparison audience.

Insight - An answer from the API that meets a business use case.

Interaction - A single event or engagement activity such as a like or comment on a piece of content.

LinkedIn Engagement Insights - The information received from LinkedIn by our platform.

Media Strategies API - The product that allows you run to strategies to analyze a social data source.

PYLON - DataSift's platform that allows privacy-safe analysis of social data.

PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights - The product that allows you to analyze data from LinkedIn.

Quantization - The rounding down of Analysis Results to ensure privacy is maintained.

Redacted - If a result is redacted it cannot be returned from the API due to privacy rules.

Redaction - The removal of data from Analysis Results to ensure privacy is maintained.

Strategy - An out-of-the-box recipe provided by the product that answers specific business use cases.

Strategy task - The execution of a strategy.

Task queue - Your queue of strategy tasks that are waiting to be processed.

Task result - The result of running a strategy task, which includes the insight that answers the business use case.

Topic - A theme that is being engaged with by an audience. For example you could define a topic of 'machine learning' using keywords. Analyzing this topic would tell you the audience engaging with this topic, and the content seeing the most engagement.