In-Depth Guides

Use these guides to further develop your knowledge of PYLON.

Note that some of these guides have been recently moved to the PYLON developer guide section.

Data sources

Discovering Topics
Take a look at discovering topics in Facebook topic data for recording and analysis.

Making use of Super Public data
Use super public data to validate your recordings and to build machine-learned classifiers.

Understanding Engagement Hydration
Learn how the platform associates engagements with their parent stories.

Sampling - Best Practices
Learn how to use sampling features to record large audiences.

Analyzing data

Analysis Using Nested Queries
How to perform deeper analysis in one call using nested queries.

Understanding Audience-Size Gating
Learn more about privacy-safe analytics and how to extract maximum results within limits.

Calculating Time Spans
Calculate start and end times for timeseries analysis queries.

Solution design

Considerations for Product Builders
What to take into account when building a product for end customers.

Designing with Filters, Indexes & Queries
Learn more about combining PYLON components to build your solution.

Understanding Limits & Monitoring Usage
A complete guide to platform, account and API limits you need to be aware of.