The Demographic augmentation is applied by DataSift to all input objects.

It looks at an author's name and home country to determine their likely gender. For instance, Jan is primarily a female name in the United States but a male name in Scandinavian countries.

Return values indicate that a name is:

  • male
  • female
  • mostly_male
  • mostly_female
  • unisex

For example, the name Sam is likely to refer to a man but might refer to a woman. Val is more likely to be female but could sometimes be male. The name Chris applies equally to women and men.


  1. Filter for posts from authors whose names indicate that they are likely to be male:

    demographic.gender contains_any "male, mostly_male"
    and interaction.sample < 5

  2. Filter for posts from authors DataSift considers to be female:

    demographic.gender == "female" and
    interaction.sample < 5

Resource information

Target service: Augmentation Target: Gender

Type: string

Array: No

Always exists: No