Augmentation: Links

If you're just getting started with links resolution, here's some recommended reading.

Bitly, DataSift and Links Resolution Blog

Read this excellent blog from Lorenzo Alberton, DataSift's Chief Technical Architect, describing the Bitly data source and the Links augmentation 'under the hood'.

Bitly & Metadata Blog

This blog looks at Datasift's latest link resolution services, including a new partnership with bitly, the #1 link sharing platform, which powers 75 percent of the world’s largest media companies and half of the Fortune 500 companies. With over 20,000 white-labeled domains, bitly generates more than 200M clicks/day.

Open Graph & Twitter Cards Blog

This blog looks at two powerful protocols, Open Graph from Facebook and Twitter Cards from Twitter. The ideas behind these technologies allow social media sites two provide embedded content accompanied by metadata that describes the content being presented, distributed, and consumed.

Introduction to the Links Augmentation

Our Introduction page explains how the Links augmentation examines links within the content of a message and resolves them to their final endpoint. At the same time it also aggregates the content of the link so that filtering can be performed against the content of the page that the link was pointing at.

Check the availability of augmentations with our data sources.

Name Type Contents

Links: General

Name Type Contents
links.code array(int)

The HTTP status code for the original URL.

links.domain array(string)

The fully qualified domain name of a link, resolved to the final URL.

links.hops array(string)

The array of intermediate links that any link posted as a part of an interaction resolves to before DataSift obtains the original URL.

links.meta.charset array(string)

The character set for the target web page.

links.meta.content_type array(string)

Content type of the target page.

links.meta.description array(string)

Description of the target page.

links.meta.keywords array(string)

Keywords for a target page.

links.meta.lang array(string)

Language of the target page.

links.meta.newskeywords array(string)

Keywords accompanying news stories.

links.meta.standout array(string)

“Standout” content in Google News.

links.normalized_url array(string)

The normalized version of the original URL.

links.title array(string)

The title of the page the link points to.

links.url array(string)

The full URL of the page (resolved to the final page).

Links: Open Graph

Name Type Contents
links.meta.opengraph.activity array(string)

Open Graph activity metadata. array(string)

Open Graph actor metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.album array(string)

Open Graph album metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.article array(string)

Open Graph article metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.athlete array(string)

Open Graph athlete metadata. array(string)

Open Graph author metadata. array(string)

Open Graph band metadata. array(string)

Open Graph bar metadata. array(string)

Open Graph blog metadata. array(string)

Open Graph book metadata. array(string)

Open Graph cafe metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.cause array(string)

Open Graph cause metadata. array(string)

Open Graph city metadata. array(string)

Open Graph company metadata. array(string)

Open Graph country metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.description array(string)

Open Graph description metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.director array(string)

Open Graph director metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.drink array(string)

Open Graph drink metadata. array(string)

Open Graph email address metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.fax_number array(string)

Open Graph fax_number metadata. array(string)

Open Graph food metadata. array(string)

Open Graph game metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.geo geo

Open Graph geo metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.government array(string)

Open Graph government metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.hotel array(string)

Open Graph hotel metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.image array(string)

Open Graph image URL metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.landmark array(string)

Open Graph landmark metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.locality array(string)

Open Graph locality metadata. array(string)

Open Graph movie metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.musician array(string)

Open Graph musician metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.non_profit array(string)

Open Graph non_profit metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.phone_number array(string)

Open Graph phone_number metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.politician array(string)

Open Graph politician metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.postal_code array(string)

Open Graph postal_code metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.product array(string)

Open Graph product metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.public_figure array(string)

Open Graph public_figure metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.region array(string)

Open Graph region metadata. array(string)

Open Graph restaurant metadata. array(string)

Open Graph school metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.see_also array(string)

Open Graph see also metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.site_name array(string)

Open Graph site_name metadata. array(string)

Open Graph song metadata. array(string)

Open Graph sport metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.sports_league array(string)

Open Graph sports_league metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.sports_team array(string)

Open Graph sports_team metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.state_province array(string)

Open Graph state_province metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.street_address array(string)

Open Graph street_address metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.title array(string)

Open Graph title metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.tv_show array(string)

Open Graph tv_show metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.type array(string)

Open Graph object type metadata. array(string)

Open Graph university metadata.

links.meta.opengraph.url array(string)

Open Graph canonical URL metadata. array(string)

Open Graph website metadata.

Links: Pinterest

Name Type Contents
links.meta.pinterest.about array(string)

The user's About You entry on Pinterest.

links.meta.pinterest.boards array(int)

Number of boards.

links.meta.pinterest.comments array(int)

Number of comments received.

links.meta.pinterest.followers array(int)

Number of followers.

links.meta.pinterest.following array(int)

Number of followed people.

links.meta.pinterest.likes array(int)

Number of likes received.

links.meta.pinterest.pinboard array(string)

Link to a pinboard page.

links.meta.pinterest.pinner array(string)

Link to pinner page.

links.meta.pinterest.pins array(int)

Number of pins.

links.meta.pinterest.repins array(int)

Number of repins received.

links.meta.pinterest.source array(string)

Link to the source page.

Links: Twitter Card

Name Type Contents array(string)

The target Android (Google Play) application's ID for this deep-linked content. array(string)

The target Android (Google Play) application's name for this deep-linked content. array(string)

The target Android (Google Play) application's URL for this deep-linked content. array(string)

The target iPad application's ID for this deep-linked content. array(string)

The target iPad application's name for this deep-linked content. array(string)

The target iPad application's URL for this deep-linked content. array(string)

The target iPhone application's ID for this deep-linked content. array(string)

The target iPhone application's name for this deep-linked content. array(string)

The target iPhone application's URL for this deep-linked content.

links.meta.twitter.card array(string)

The type of Twitter Card: summary, photo, or player.

links.meta.twitter.creator array(string)

The Twitter @username of the content creator.

links.meta.twitter.creator_id array(string)

Twitter user ID of the content creator.

links.meta.twitter.description array(string)

A description of the Twitter Card.

links.meta.twitter.image array(string)

URL of the image attached to a Twitter Card.

links.meta.twitter.image_height array(string)

Height (in px) of the image.

links.meta.twitter.image_width array(string)

Width (in px) of the image.

links.meta.twitter.player array(string)

HTTPS URL to an iframe player.

links.meta.twitter.player_height array(string)

Height (in px) of an iframe player.

links.meta.twitter.player_stream array(string)

URL to raw stream that will be rendered in Twitter's mobile applications directly (.mp4).

links.meta.twitter.player_stream_content_type array(string)

The MIME type/subtype of the media content.

links.meta.twitter.player_width array(string)

Width (in px) of an iframe player. array(string)

The @username for the website used in a Twitter Card.

links.meta.twitter.site_id array(string)

Twitter user ID of the content creator.

links.meta.twitter.title array(string)

The title of a Twitter Card.

links.meta.twitter.url array(string)

Canonical URL of a piece of Twitter Card content.