The MIME type/subtype combination media content attached to a Twitter Card.

This target is populated only if links.meta.twitter.card contains "player". You can filter for content using this augmentation if you know the MIME type/subtype combination that describes the media content of a Twitter Card.

The links.meta.twitter.player_stream_content_type target is part of the Player family of basic Twitter Cards targets:

In the header of an HTML page, it might appear as:

<meta name="twitter:player:stream:content_type" content="video/mp4" />

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  1. Filter for content where the Twitter Cards player_stream_content_type metadata contains videos in mp4 format:

links.meta.twitter.player_stream_content_type contains "video/mp4"


According to Twitter, it takes the form specified in RFC 6381. Currently supported content_type values are those defined in RFC 4337 (MIME Type Registration for MP4).

Resource information

Target service: Augmentation Target: Links

Target object: Links: Twitter Card

Type: array(string)

Array: Yes

Always exists: No