The title of a page that is linked to from a post.

For example, suppose that the text of a Tweet is:

"You have to read this! http://tc.o/16tYO"

This shortened link in the Tweet expands to:

The HTML <title> of that page is "Elon Musk: SpaceX and Tesla alive 'by skin of their teeth'" and it appears as a string in links.title.


  1. Filter for Tweets that contain "read this" and include a link to a page with "Google" in the title:

twitter.text contains "read this"
AND links.title contains "Google"


The title is the text that is extracted from the <title> tags in the page's HTML. It does not necessarily correspond to any content that appears in a browser when the page is rendered.

Resource information

Target service: Augmentation Target: Links

Target object: Links: General

Type: array(string)

Array: Yes

Always exists: No