Common: Interaction

The common targets are useful when you want to create streams that work for input objects from any source.

For example, if an input object comes from Twitter, interaction.content contains the same string that you would find in twitter.text or twitter.retweet.text, the text of a Tweet or Retweet. Alternatively, if the content comes from YouTube, interaction.content might contain a comment about a video.

To learn more about the mappings to the interaction.* family of targets, take a look at our What's in the Interaction Targets? page.

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Name Type Contents


Name Type Contents
interaction.age int

The age of an interaction in seconds since it was created.

interaction.content string

The main content of a post; for example: the text of a Tweet from Twitter.

interaction.geo geo

The location from which this input object was created.

interaction.hashtags array(string)

A list of the hashtags found in a Tumblr post or Facebook post. string

A link to an individual post.

interaction.media_type string

The type of media.

interaction.mention_ids array(int)

List of user ids for users mentioned in an interaction.

interaction.mentions array(string)

List of users/usernames mentioned in an interaction.

interaction.raw_content string

The main content of a post; for example: the text of a Tweet from Twitter.

interaction.sample float

A random float in the range 0-100. Used for sampling data.

interaction.source string

The application that was used to generate and send a post.

interaction.subtype string

The subtype of a matching interaction.

interaction.title string

The title associated with a post.

interaction.type string

The data source that generated a post; for example: "twitter". string

The name of a publisher of a post from Newscred or LexisNexis.

Interaction: Author

Name Type Contents string

A URL linking to the author's avatar. int

The author's id on the service from which they generated a post. string

Encapsulated twitter.user.lang or twitter.retweet.user.lang. string

The URL the user has assigned for their homepage or profile. string

The real name of the author of a post. string

The username of the author of a post.


Name Type Contents string

Managed Source id.

source.resource_id string

Managed Source resource id.