The age of an interaction in seconds since it was created.

It is the number of seconds between the moment it was created on its host system (for example: Facebook, Twitter, Bitly, ...) and the moment it arrived at DataSift.


  1. Filter for content from any source that mentions Yahoo! and is more than 100 seconds old:

    interaction.age > 100 and
    interaction.content contains "Yahoo"

  2. Filter for content less than one minute old about your brand:

    interaction.age < 60 and
    interaction.content contains "Heinz"


The value in this target is calculated internally by DataSift. It is available for filtering but it is not delivered in the JSON output.

It is calculated as received_at – created_at. It is not 'now' – created_at.

The target is available for filtering in our Historics archive.

Resource information

Target service: The Common Target: Interaction

Target object: Interaction

Type: int

Array: No

Always exists: No