The main content of a post. For example, if the input object is a Tweet, interaction.content contains the text of the Tweet.

It is a general-purpose target. Use it to filter across all the data sources we have rather than restricting your search to just one.

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NoteThe filtering engine ignores links and Twitter @mentions. Use the target to filter for links and interaction.mentions to filter for @mentions.


  1. Filter for posts from any data source that mentions the iPad in their main content:

    interaction.content contains "ipad"

  2. Filter for Tweets and Retweets about big data that contain links to DataSift or that mention our founder:

    interaction.type == "twitter" and 
    interaction.content contains "big data" and 
    ( contains "" or 
        interaction.mentions == "nik"

Resource information

Target service: The Common Target: Interaction

Target object: Interaction

Type: string

Array: No

Always exists: Yes