List of user ids for users mentioned in an interaction.

This target will match interactions otherwise matched by twitter.mention_ids and twitter.retweet.mention_ids.


  1. Filter for mentions from a list of publications:

// Twitter IDs:guardian (87818409), mashable (972651), nytimes (807095), CNN (759251), paidContent(18267597)
// Facebook IDs: guardian (10513336322), mashable (N/A), nytimes (5281959998), cnn (5550296508), 
// paidContent (99557207225)
interaction.mention_ids in [87818409, 972651, 807095, 759251, 18267597]
and interaction.sample < 10 
and interaction.type contains "twitter"


Be aware that a user's id on one site might, by chance, be the same as another user's id on another site. For example, if the format were the same, it's possible that my numeric id on YouTube might be identical to some else's Twitter id.

Resource information

Target service: The Common Target: Interaction

Target object: Interaction

Type: array(int)

Array: Yes

Always exists: No