Push Status Codes

The Push API uses a set of codes that define its status. The /push/pause and /push/resume endpoints allow you to modify the status.

Code: Description:

Ready to start but not active yet.

Any Push subscription in this state will start only when it reaches its start time.

  • You cannot force it to start by hitting /push/resume.
  • You cannot adjust the start or end times.
  • If you set the wrong start time, delete the subscription and create a new one.

New data is flowing into the internal buffer and also flowing out of the buffer to you.


New data is still flowing into the internal buffer but it is not being delivered to you.

retrying A subscription has suffered from some failure. Hit the push/log endpoint for further details. These failures could include something like the endpoint becoming unavailable. DataSift will try to make the subscription 'active' again immediately, retrying several times. If the failure persists, DataSift will continue retry once every minute for one hour.

The Subscription has encountered a non-recoverable problem delivering data; for example: all attempts to deliver data have failed for more than one hour.

The Subscription is canceled and any data left in the buffer is dropped.

finishing The Historics query has finished or live stream has been stopped. DataSift has not yet delivered all data, so some remains in the internal buffer. The status will be 'finishing' until all the data has been delivered.
finishing_paused No more data flowing into the internal buffer but delivery is paused. You can move to this status by calling /historics/pause in the API. There is no way in the UI to reach this status.
finished The Historics query or live stream has finished running. All the data has been delivered to you.