Data Availability in Historics

In the Introduction, we touched on the topic of data availability. Before you run a Historics query between a start date and an end date, you can check that data for that time period is available, and see which augmentations are available for that data.

You can check data availibility via the API using the historics/prepare endpoint. It returns a JSON object that shows the percentage coverage for each data source and augmentation. It returns data in this format:

    "dpus": 234.6916666667,
    "id": "4ef7c852a96d6352764f",
    "availability": {
        "start": 1341673200,
        "end": 1341759600,
        "sources": {
            "twitter": {
                "status": 100,
                "versions": [
                "augmentations": {
                    "klout": 96,
                    "links": 100

Here we see that Twitter has 100% coverage for the interval of interest. Additionally, the Links augmentation is present for every object and data from the Klout augmentation is available for 96% of the objects.

We recommend that you hit this endpoint before you run any Historics query, to check that the data you need is available.