Historics Status Codes

The Historics API endpoints produce these status messages. You can find the status in the output JSON objects when appropriate.

Status Meaning
init Waiting to be queued. Hit the /historics/start endpoint to queue the job.
queued Waiting to be processed.
submitted The Historics query is about to be processed. You're next in the queue.
running The Historics query is being processed.
succeeded The Historics query ran to completion.
failed You will no longer see this status. We now use the "delayed" status.
delayed If a chunk fails, we try to run it again for you. If the reattempts are unsuccesful, we set the status for that chunk to "delayed". This status means there were issues with the chunk and DataSift is looking into the causes. You do not need to take any action. Once DataSift has fixed the problem, we will reset the chunk and the query will proceed as normal. The rest of the chunks in the query remain unaffected. We will continue to run any other chunks in the query while we investigate the "delayed" chunk.

The /historics/pause endpoint allows you to indicate that you want to pause a Historics job.

The pausing status is applicable to the parent query only. If some of the chunks are in 'running' state and some in 'paused', the parent query is marked as 'pausing', indicating that DataSift is waiting for any chunks already processing to finish:

  • Any chunk of a query we haven't started to process yet, goes to 'paused' state.
  • Any chunk of the query that we have already started to process will continue to completion.
  • If all of the chunks for a query have started processing, the query cannot be paused.
paused The /historics/pause endpoint allows you to indicate that you want to pause a Historics job. The paused status is applicable to both parent query and child chunks. If chunks are either paused or have finished then the parent query is marked as 'paused'. Essentially no chunk is running. Chunks are marked 'paused' if they were successfully paused before they were picked for processing.
killed Stopped by DataSift.
stopped Stopped by the user or your credits ran out.