Learn more about DataSift's range of sources and the data fields at your disposal

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All items of data that pass through the DataSift platform are 'interactions'. The interaction augmentation normalizes all data to a consistent top-level schema and allows you to build filters and classifiers that work consistently across all of your sources.

Public sources

Feeds from social networks (for example Tumblr), blogging platforms (for example Wordpress), and news providers (such as Lexis Nexis).

Managed sources

Data sources you configure to access social networks (such as Facebook) on your behalf using your account credentials.

These guides help you get started with managed sources.

Open Data Processing (ODP)

Open Data sources allow you to bring your own data into the DataSift streaming platform, by sending data to the Ingestion API.

Compliance interactions

Many data sources include compliance feeds, providing information about interactions which have been removed by individuals publishing content on that platform.