Managed Sources

What are Managed Sources?

Managed Sources access social network APIs on your behalf using your account credentials for the network. These sources poll for new data, then allow you to process this data just like a public source.

When you configure a Managed Source data is bought into the platform but is only accessible to your account. You can augment, filter and deliver the data to your application just like you would with a public source.

Security and privacy of data

Accessing and filtering the data with DataSift is secure because the data is entirely private; no other DataSift users can see it and we do not store it in our archives.

Unlike public data, we need your explicit permission to access data sources that require additional authentication.

Supported Managed Sources

The following Managed Source types are currently available:

Facebook Pages

Tracks activity on a set of Facebook Pages.

Getting started

You can configure Managed Sources via your dashboard or via the API.

Configuring sources in the dashboard

Learn how to configure sources in our how to guides:

Configuring sources using the API

Learn how to configure sources using the API in our step-by-step guide.

Best practices

It's easy to get started with Managed Sources but there are important points to keep in mind.

Advice for each source can be found on the source's overview page.

In addition, take time to read our best practice guide.