Google+ Targets

Name Type Contents string

The name of the person posting content. string

The Google+ ID of the person posting content. string

The URL of the Google+ profile of the person posting content.

googleplus.annotation string

The annotation for an update. array(string)

The ID of the original activity.

googleplus.in_reply_to.url array(string)

The URL of the original activity.

googleplus.object.attachments.content array(string)

An excerpt from the linked article or a longer description of the attached content.

googleplus.object.attachments.display_name array(string)

The title of the attachment.

googleplus.object.attachments.object_type array(string)

The list of attachment types.

googleplus.object.attachments.url array(string)

The URL of the attached content.

googleplus.object.content string

The HTML-formatted content of the matching activity.

googleplus.object.object_type string

The type of the object of the matching activity.

googleplus.object.original_content string

The original content of an update.

googleplus.object.url string

The URL of the linked resource.

googleplus.provider.title string

Name of the data provider.

googleplus.title string

The title of a Google+ activity.

googleplus.type string

A unique identifier of Google+ resource.

googleplus.url string

The URL of a Google+ resource.

googleplus.verb string

The value of the verb property.