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Targets are key components of the filters you write in DataSift.

We currently offer more than 700 targets, and that number is growing. The targets documentation lists each one, organized by the service which provides them. It also gives examples of how to use them all.

The value for each target has a data type: integer, string, or float, or an array of any of these types. Or it can be geo which represents a latitude/longitude pair.

Individual targets are not always present. For instance, the Twitter targets will not be present in Facebook objects. Furthermore, some of the Twitter targets might not be present even if the object comes from Twitter. For instance, the Retweet targets are not populated unless the object is a Retweet. If it is a Retweet, some of the Tweet targets will not be exist because the significant information is carried in the Retweet part of the object. Our documentation for each target indicates whether or not the target always exists.

You can browse the consolidated list of all the targets and augmentations. Take a look at our Augmentations page too.

Note: This section describes the targets that you can filter against, not the data that you receive from DataSift. Take a look at Targets vs Output Data to learn more.

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