If you're just getting started to use bitly in DataSift, here's some recommended reading.

Bitly, DataSift and Links Resolution Blog

Read this excellent blog from Lorenzo Alberton, DataSift's Chief Technical Architect, describing the bitly data source and the Links augmentation 'under the hood'.

Bitly & Metadata Blog

This blog looks at DataSift's latest link resolution services, including a new partnership with bitly, the #1 link sharing platform, which powers 75 percent of the world’s largest media companies and half of the Fortune 500 companies. With over 20,000 white-labeled domains, bitly generates at least 200M clicks/day.

Name Type Contents
bitly.cname string

The custom CNAME of the decoded URL if available. string

Name of the country for the IP address of the client.

bitly.country_code string

2-character ISO code of the IP address of the client (ISO 3166-1 code).

bitly.domain string

The domain of an original link.

bitly.geo geo

Latitude and longitude of the IP address of the client.

bitly.geo_city string

The city name for the IP address from which a user clicks a bitly link.

bitly.geo_region string

The geographical region of the IP address of the client.

bitly.geo_region_code string

The geographical region code of the IP address of the client.

bitly.referring_domain string

The domain of the referring URL, when available.

bitly.referring_url string

The HTTP Referrer header as sent by the client.

bitly.share.hash string

A user-specific hash for the global bitly hash.

bitly.timezone string

The timezone of the IP address of the client.

bitly.url string

The URL the global hash redirects to.

bitly.url_hash string

The bitly hash for a unique URL.

bitly.user.agent string

The HTTP user agent string sent by the requesting browser.