The geographical location information for the IP address from which a user clicks a bitly link.

It is represented by a pair of longitude and latitude coordinates. The coordinates are supplied by bitly and packaged into a geo object by DataSift so that you can use them with CSDL's geographical operators:

You can use this target to find out what percentage of people publishing or sharing information about a particular subject are located within a certain area or you can try to approximate the size of the area that people are tweeting from. This information can be used to find out if people enjoyed a rock concert or to learn how fast a fire is spreading.

Learn more about longitude and latitude.

See also: interaction.geo.


  1. Filter for clicks on bitly links in the vicinity of London:

bitly.geo geo_radius "51.502,-0.131:40"

Resource information

Target service: Bitly

Type: geo

Array: No

Always exists: No