The geographical region code for the IP address from which a user clicks a bitly link.

You can use this target to filter for users clicking on a bitly link from a particular geographical region code. For example, you could use it to filter for all the clicks on bitly links in the Chicago area by the region code for Chicago.

Note that you will need local knowledge to use this target effectively. For example, in the United States, regions are identified by 2-character codes that identify a state; for example TX indicates Texas. However, in Denmark, 17 is a valid region code, indicating the vicinity of Copenhagen.

In fact, bitly uses FIPS 10-4 codes to identify regions. Make sure you are familiar with the codes for your country of interest before you start to filter.


  1. Filter for clicks on bitly links in the vicinity of Edinburgh, Scotland:

    bitly.geo_region_code == "U8" and
    bitly.country_code == "UK"  
    // We add this because other countries have a U9 region code
    // We want to exclude those

  2. Filter for bitly clicks in Florida:

    bitly.geo_region_code == "FL" and
    bitly.country_code == "US"

Resource information

Target service: Bitly

Type: string

Array: No

Always exists: No